Saying Trump has a mental illness is offensive to people who have Mental Illness

Saying Trump has a  Mental Illness is offensive to people who have Mental Illness.


Lately, news outlets and individuals have been saying that Donald Trump has a mental illness. He is being described as a “Narcissist” and a “psychopath.” They describe him as mentally ill. In my opinion, as being a  person who has lived with Schizophrenia for my entire adult life, I consider this very offensive.


In my book “The Mansion” I speak about a “president, who thinks he is the President of the World.” I wrote this before the election of Donald Trump. My intention in writing this piece was to compare the Paranoia portrayed by certain individuals in society, with people with genuine mental illnesses, and that people with mental illness should not be treated unfairly. Unfortunately my book did not sell many copies.


I did not intend on saying that Trump was literally mentally ill, but rather was displaying “Symptoms” that could be metaphorically thought of as mental illness, such as paranoia of other cultures and religions.


To say that Trump, to all of America, is literally mentally ill, is, in my opinion, offensive to people with genuine mental illnesses. Mentally ill people, generally speaking, are too disabled to be elected President, let alone function healthily in society. The suffering that the mentally ill go through, whether they have schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, or personality disorders such as schizoid personality disorder, borderline personality disorder and others are causes of real genuine pain and disability to the individual. Having Schizophrenia is akin to having  Cancer in terms of suffering, yet it something an individual has to live with, often for their entire lives.


To say that Donald Trump is a Narcissist is not saying that he is mentally ill. To have Narcissistic personality disorder, it has to cause the one who has it suffering or disability. I do not see him suffering or being disabled.


To say that he is a psychopath. Regardless of the debate about the genuineness of psychopathy as a mental illness, Trump doesn’t share the characteristics of the common psychopath, such as being a criminal that time and time and again gets himself in trouble with the law. Rather, his lying, deception, and lack of empathy has propelled him further and further to the top of the social ladder.


Trump, in reality is a symptom of a social and moral decay. By saying that Donald Trump has a mental illness, you are minimizing the catastrophic effects that mental illness inflict on people’s day to day lives.


-Gabriel Bacopa


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