The first story in my book “The Mansion”

 Learn about the Author who is being called “The John Steinbeck of our time.”
“One of the best authors of the 21st century.”

The first story in my book “The Mansion” is appropriately called “the Mansion” and is about a mental hospital with many characters who suffer from grandiose delusions. The hospital is a society, with a political leader, as well as people controlling it(the Doctors), and people of different outlooks. The story begins with a boy who thinks hes an astronaut who believes there is life at the top of the hospital. He is shown a video about the space program, which leads to a debate and argument about the nature of morals and whether the society in the hospital is moral and takes care of the sick. Whether you agree with the book’s conclusions, the book will invite you to look at the nature of morals and a new perspective of what it means to be humane, just and merciful.

-Gabriel Bacopa